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how to install lightroom presets

Simple 10 steps to install Lightroom Presets.

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How can I use Lightroom Presets?

There is designated How to Install Lightroom Presets page for this question. Please check out that page. Find the relevant Mobile device video to understand how to get your preset.

What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets are ready to use photography tools to edit your photos with just a single action. Choosing the correct preset for your scenario will bring very Professional coloring to your photos. In this website, you’ll find presets for different scenarios such as Landscape, Portrait, Instagram and many more, do not hesitate to explore! These are all Free Lightroom Presets and they will bring a Professional touch to your photos.

Note: Most stock photography sites have limits on what image extensions and sizes they accept. So if you are shooting RAW or another format, use this image converter to convert your images to any desired format.