Free Dark and Gray Lightroom Presets


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Special Thanks to Jack for this Free Presets.

Jack is the owner of ILovePresets Shop on Etsy and he wanted to share his 4 Free Presets with you.

His message: "Hi, I hope you'll like my free presets and if you do like them I am sure you will like my premium presets more! Visit my Shop for premium Lightroom Presets. I have set an additional discount for you. Use FLP20OFF code to get additional 50% Discount on already discounted prices, valid until October 28, 2019. Thank you."

Please note: One of his favorite Preset is attached to FIND OUT MORE button below. This preset is included in the Bundle.


You can download digital files from below buttons. Buttons are separate for Mobile & Desktop versions.


What you will download:


- Dark and Gray Mobile Lightroom Preset (dng file)


- Dark and Gray Desktop Lightroom Preset (xmp file)

Dark and Gray Presets are a little colored version of the B&W Presets. Gray and moody green tones are there for you to get very moody looking photos. This preset might have small audience and application area however this is another must have that should be in your archive.

How to install Mobile Lightroom Presets


How to install Desktop Lightroom Presets

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Please note: DNG files comes with blank images with presets loaded to them, just copy the settings from them.

how to install lightroom presets

Simple 10 steps to install Lightroom Presets.


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