How this project started?


I just wanted to share my Best Lightroom Presets with all Preset Lovers and the best way to do this was to provide them as Free with the website. I was able to make this minimalist website and there you have it all. Enjoy!


What’s in here?


You’ll find many presets for different photography scenarios. In this website, you will always download your presets 100% Free. There will be additional presets periodically. Follow @flppublic on Instagram to catch those updates.


How to use this website?


You can start looking presets from homepage, then click on photo or “VIEW TO DOWNLOAD” button to go view page. You will find 4 different Before & After photos and short description about preset. There are 2 different buttons to download Mobile Lightroom Presets and Desktop Lightroom Presets separately.


If you are a Preset Shop owner and want to be in the first page, contact to feature your 3 Free Presets.


Are these Presets really good?


Yes, they are potentially sellable items and estimated values are gathered after a certain market research. You can think of these presets as a Professional Lightroom Presets like famous Youtubers, Photographers or Instagrammers sell on their own stores. Except, you’ll find more custom and more specific types of presets here.


Do I really like Caramel Frappuccino?


Yes, I like it and I generally prefer tall but you’re Free to buy me bigger sizes or several of that (;

Ads are also helping me, sorry if those bother you but please don't neglect them if they attract your attention.

If you have further questions, you can always contact from the website or DM me on Instagram, my response will be much faster.