You can have custom Advertisements on this website!

This website might be a great fit for Hotels, Travel Agencies, Photo Editing Software, Smartphone Brands, Camera & Hardware Sellers, Real Estate or you can even promote your Preset Shop, Youtube Channel and Photography website with this service. I don’t know but you know, you’re here for a reason: You may use tools like BuzzSumo or Alexa Rank to see the quality of the website.

If you’ve decided to work with my website, thank you and I will be so happy to carry your ad on the website. This is an always growing Good Quality community.


So, now: Your ads will take place on both desktop and mobile view. Mobile view has at least 75% of the total website traffic. You may already know that engagement rates are higher in mobile visits. So, the audience will engage more with your ads.


Your ads will be in 300x250 sizes on both Desktop and Mobile version of the website. Please note, when the spaces are empty Desktop mode still has this size banner in footer with "Advertise Here" text but banners are hidden in Mobile mode for aesthetic purposes.

Please let me know which banner you choose (Header or Footer) and ask for the rate. Contact me via website. DMs on Instagram for this service are not accepted.


You can now buy place at home page. In desktop mode those spaces are shown with "Advertise Here". Unlike header&footer ads, these ads will only run on home page. Header&Footer ads run on every page!

P.S.1 The website allows animated ads under the following conditions: No ads that expand/move to cover site text, sound only w/user activation. This means you can have video ads in those banner spaces!

P.S.2 You can also Sponsor this website. FYI