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I am sorry, I know English so this website is in English only but I wanted to attract your attention because the presets here are great and I didn’t want you to miss!

Don’t worry, if you know a little bit of English, you should be fine. The website is very easy to use and pretty self explanatory. If have any trouble understanding anything, you can always use Google Translate to get help!

I saw that Russia has great interest on Lightroom Presets and I’d love to share my Best Lightroom Presets with you guys!

Anyways, let’s get to the point. Yes, I have many Lightroom Presets here and all of them are Free and they’ll always be like that. You should definitely follow my Instagram because there will always be new presets uploaded to this website so you need to catch those updates.

This is my Beach Lightroom Presets and in this preset you’ll find a little bit of different tones, blues are more blue, yellows are more yellow, greens are more green etc. Not only Saturation is increased but also the clarity. Try out this preset with your blue or green backgrounded photos, it will do a great job with other colors as well, check out the sample images provided on the download page. Use "FIND OUT MORE" button for alternative presets.

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