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Here are some edits:

Use this Minimalistic Preset for brighter and cleaner photos. Sample images are given for indoor or home photography but human figures can also be edited with this minimalist Lightroom Preset.

Orange Preset is different than Orange and Teal Presets because it does not bring Teal tones. This preset is different version of Warm or Vintage or Caramel Presets. It has yellowish and orange tones but I cannot describe exactly, try and see! 

Use this preset in your Hawaii Summer Vibes photos. This will do a great job on Sea and Tree coloring as it develops the blues and the greens in a whole new level. You may get warm colors but they will be attractive images.

This preset is candidate to a Brand Preset for an Influencer. Color your feed with this preset and look Powerful, Elegant, Cozy and Influencer... Just look at he sample photos given here, you can use this preset for any of your photos and create professional Influencer photos.

"Instagram" Preset is prepared to create Creamy and Pastel looking images. The resulting image might be dark and dull but the edit will at its point, Creamy and Pastel!

This is simply a Bright and Clean Preset that makes your photos brighter and it will also increase the clarity a little. This is different than Airy Presets because it does not change any coloring or anything. This one has very Minimal edit in your photos.

And, there are more presets in my Bundle, check it out:


By getting this bundle, you will download All of the Lightroom Presets in this website with One Click! You will also get 20+ EXCLUSIVE Presets listed here.   You will get both Mobile DNG and Desktop XMP Presets in 1 zip file. These files work with the Adobe Mobile Lightroom CC app and Adobe Desktop Lightroom Classic CC. Compatible with JPG & Raw Images. Please note: DNG files comes with blank images with presets loaded to them, just copy the settings from them.

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