5 Free Summer Presets | Free Lightroom Presets

In today’s blog post, I wanted to share my 5 Summer Presets.

This is from “Summer Presets” which provides vivid, sharp and bluish tones to your photos. I highly recommend this for Beach photos.

This is from “Summer v2 Presets” which makes greens and blues very strong, it also brightens your image. This is good for Island photos and Aerial Beach shots.

This is from “Summer v3 Presets” which is mainly for green tones. It makes greens much more vivid and attractive. I recommend this for Tropical and Jungle scenarios.

This is from “Holiday Presets” which provides more bluish color for seas and pools. Mediterranean, Hawaii, Bahamas or Caribbean, wherever the Holiday place for your photos this preset will suit you the best.

This is from “Holiday v2 Presets” which is for more warm and vivid colors. Makes all reds, blues and greens more attractive in your Holiday photos.

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