Adobe Announced The August 2019 Update on Lightroom. Here is What Got me The Most!

The update is primarily focused on performance and improving your workflow. The update might be consist of several little improvements and bug fixes, but the most important update is the addition of GPU Accelerated Editing.

The latest update allows Lightroom Classic to take advantage of the more powerful graphics cards (Graphics Processing Unit: GPUs) while editing, providing a smoother and more responsive experience. However, Adobe says, performance improvements will be more clear if one is using larger resolution monitors (4K and above) and more powerful Graphic Cards.

In addition to GPU Accelerated Editing feature, Adobe has brought 4 other features to Lightroom:

- Speeds up your workflow with batch merge for HDR and panoramas onLightroom Classic.

- Added “Recover Deleted Photos” function for both free users and premium subscribers on the device you’re using or any devices connected to your Adobe account.

- You can now export your photos in PNG file format on Lightroom Classic.

I’ve kept the the one which got me the most to the last:

- You can now Download any Preset available in your Discover tab on your Mobile Lightroom app(iOS and Android) Download the edits found on Discover section as a presets by tapping on the three-dot menu at the top of each post, and then you can start applying them to your images.

Find the Lightroom Preset you're lookin for

As soon as I read this update, I’ve tried several presets. This might seem to be a game changer feature for Preset Shop owners or Preset Creators at first but I came to a quick conclusion that it isn’t. Photographers who share their edits on the Discover section don’t care about the usage of their presets at all. I mean they all look Super Professional however the presets are not that much for any other occasion other than their photos.

So, I believe this website will still serve you as the most convenient Preset Ecosystem for your unique Preset needs. All of the best and favorite Lightroom Presets will be available to Download them for Free individually. If you don't want to see ads or don't want to download them individually, I've prepared below BUNDLE!

In conclusion, I got too excited when I saw this update news and hope to have such great updates from Adobe. So what do you think? Is this update affected you in any way or what do you think about the Preset Download feature? You can Comment on our Reddit page! Don’t forget to be a member if you’re into Lightroom Presets.

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