Adobe Lightroom Download | Free Lightroom Presets

In Today’s post I wanted to talk about how to’s. How to get Lightroom mobile app, how to get our app, and how to use Lightroom Presets a little bit.

First, let’s start with downloading the Free app from Mobile Application stores. You can simply click here to get it for your IOS device (iPhone or iPad) or click below image for your Android device.

It is that simple.

Also, don’t forget to get our community's IOS app and Android app Free Lightroom Presets - Photo Editor from the mobile application stores. Currently, QR Code scanning feature is only supported on IOS and Android users can use Google Lens to scan QR Code on the website to find out surprise contents.

For Desktop users paid subscription is needed and getting subscription plan is my future Blog topic as I am not currently accepted to affiliate program, I cannot promote this to you yet. I am really sorry.

Alright, let’s talk about tutorials now. I will be making simple basic videos and edits about how to use the website from scratch, I mean I will make videos with showing how to download, unzip and apply those presets to target photos. Those photos and updates will be shared on Instagram. So, don’t forget to follow on Instagram @flppublic.

In the meantime, very simple instructions will always be available in the website. For Desktop version: How To Install Desktop Lightroom Presets, For Mobile version: How To Install Mobile Lightroom Presets.

How to Install Lightroom Presets

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for new posts!