Adobe Lightroom Photoshop Presets iPhone app - FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE on App Store!

We are excited to make this announcement that our FREE and PAID iPhone apps are now available on App Store.

Free one has 14 different Presets for Lightroom and contains ads as a monetization method. You are completely free to use it without paying anything.

You can click on name of the app or image below to get the app. Photo Presets - flppublic

Go to App Support page if you need any help. If the instructions are not sufficient for you, please, do not hesitate to contact us via website or Instagram (DM response would be much faster!)

In conclusion, whichever you decide we are pretty sure that you will be satisfied with our preset collection as it contains presets for all sorts of concepts and needs.

Hope you find this article and website helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions with us!



P.S. If you are looking for Discount alternate presets you can jump to our Bundle page. The same presets are priced at US$7.90 there! If you get our Bundle however you need to go with old school unzipping and saving your preset files to Cloud platforms to use them. So, trade off of the discounted one is only this!