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The “Airy Bright” presets are perfect for social media photography including, portrait, landscape, and street photography. These presets will give your image a light, bright and airy look. Add some interest to your images with this beautiful one-click presets.


Create beautiful bright images that your clients will love while getting your time back! Do you Love that bright & airy look, but don't love desaturated colors?! I get it, and that's why I know you'll LOVE these presets!

Let's have a look at them:

This is Bright Blogger Lightroom Preset that brought to you by of ILovePresets Shop on Etsy. You may call this preset Airy as well, this preset makes your photos Bright and Elegant looking. This one is a little Minimalist Preset but does a pretty cool job to enrich your photos with bright colors. The most preferred Lightroom Presets are actually such Bright Blogger Presets. You can get this one today, right now, here!

Bright Tones Lightroom Presets; this is simply a Bright and Clean Preset that makes your photos brighter and it will also increase the clarity a little. This is different than Airy Presets because it does not change any coloring or anything. This one has very Minimal edit in your photos.

My Airy Presets are not just a regular Bright Preset. Although, it increases the brightness, it still keeps the Moody and Elegant side of the photographs. You can alternatively call this preset as Elegant Bright Lightroom Presets.

I have presented my top 3 best Bright & Airy Lightroom Presets here.

I have also other bright presets for other scenarios such as Newborn Photography, Real Estate or Outdoor. You can check them out on Preset Index page.

You may download each presets for free, however, you can download “All of the Lightroom Presets​” in this website with ONE Click by supporting me ;) I want everyone to get the bundle, that's why it is priced so well. My Lightroom Presets BUNDLE is an essential kit for Influencers, Bloggers or anyone who is into Lightroom.


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