Creator Presets - Sawyer Hartman Advanced Preset Pack - flppublic edition


Easy One Click Lightroom Presets that Adapt to Fit your photos - A Preset should manipulate the color values within a photograph, not just slap a layer of color on top of it.

Some edits:

Dark and Gray Presets are a little colored version of the B&W Presets. Gray and moody green tones are there for you to get very moody looking photos. This preset might have small audience and application area however this is another must have that should be in your archive.

This is a Brand New Summer Holiday Lightroom Presets. Any concept is valid for this preset: Hawaii, Caribbean, Bali, Bahamas wherever you call it. You can use this preset for all. One preset for all holiday photos, what a bargain!

I think this works like "Hollywood Cinema Color" Preset like Sawyer Hartman has. This one also resembles the "VIBRANT TRAVEL" preset. In this preset you’ll find a little bit of brightness, vivid colors and most importantly you’ll find quality vibrant looking images! Try out this preset with your bright and holiday photos. It can also do a great job with other colors as well, check out the sample images provided on the download page.

This is my City Lightroom Preset. I think this can do similar job with Sawyer Hartman's "City Lights +" preset. This preset is great for night and day city photos.

I've created this for City Photography however after using it for couple of other concepts I saw that this preset is GOOD FOR ALL PHOTOS! See the sample edit on Instagram with this preset.

Alright, you can always check out all of the presets available in this website as a simple list on the Preset Index page. I have other Pro Presets as well. Moody v2(Great for City Photography, also does great job on Portraits, see it in use)

Alternatively, you can download “All of my Presets” with ONE Click by supporting this website.


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