Do you think Lightroom Presets are expensive? Here’s why.

This is quite a subjective topic but I will try my best to explain why you think they are expensive.

First of all, you should know that every Lightroom Preset in this website is Free because with this website I am trying to collect advertisement money so that you pay by seeing ads and getting them for Free. However, you may have noticed that I have provided an estimated retail price for each preset because they are quite sellable items and in the principal those prices set like below:

- $6 for 1 preset

- $8 for 2 presets

- $10 for 3 presets

- $12 for 4 presets

To be fair, those prices are expensive, this is not subjective! Yes, no-one sells at those higher rates. You may already know that Preset Shop owners usually provide huge discounts like 40%, 50% or even 60-70%. Why? Because many of them knows that a nominal prices should be around $2 to $4 at max. So, the initial prices are set like above bullet-points and huge discounts are applied to attract customer’s attention. Although many of them applies these prices to their products some of them trust their product quality and brand name so that still sell those products at higher rates. Very well known examples are YouTubers and Instagrammers that sell their Presets for $20+ and you see them expensive.

From the provided perspective we all can say that $3($6 original price 50% discount applied) per preset is not expensive and the ratio provided above is quite accurate to set the prices for multiple presets, and this is an objective result, right? Share your thoughts on our Reddit page here.

One last point, the prices might also be set a little higher to be seen as higher quality presets. Admit that you would think that $1 preset is bummer so that he sells for a dollar! So, there is a quite sensitive balance to determine the prices.

Feel free to discover this website and get comfortable with Lightroom Presets in every aspect, the prices, how to download and use, colors etc.

I am sorry about the ads but they are required to serve you for Free. If you really don’t want to see ads, I recommend you to check out “my Bundle” below, it is quite affordable! Special for you :)

Alright, you can always check out all of the presets available in this website as a simple list on the Preset Index page.

That’s all for this post. You can start to explore the website by visiting the home page.

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