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Here are the Bestseller Exclusive Lightroom Presets list for you to discover.

This is the Black and White (B&W) Lightroom Preset.

Bora Bora Presets are like Maldives or Bali presets they enhance the Holiday colors in your photos such as blues, greens. You will get bright and a little teal(but more like blue) tones in your holiday photos. Your feed will have very attractive photos that edited with preset. Don’t miss this one and get this exclusive preset.

Another highly demanded tones and presets are Brown Lightroom Presets. This preset decreases the saturation and brightness and adds light elegant looking brown tones to your photos. Influencers generally use this preset daily for their consistent feed color. I highly recommend you to check September Blogger Lightroom Presets, you might like it and you may use one of them for your feed consistency.

California Presets are created for lovely summer tones.

Increased sharpness but decreased clarity is the main thing in this Cinematic Presets. Colors are a little bright and clean in this preset. Keep in mind that it may look like that the preset is decreasing the resolution of your photos, that is the feature of this edit. Feel free to share your thoughts on this one.

Desert Lightroom Presets are created with dull brown and green tones. Your photos will look elegant even with the leanest backgrounds. This preset might have a little bit of pastel tones as well.

Elite Tones Presets are providing a bright and vivid brown tones along with some soft pink in the background. The name Elite is for its rare looking edits. This is one of the best Influencer Preset that I have. You might like Pink Blogger Presets and Purple Presets as well, check them out and if you like them, you can get them today!

Old looking Film Presets are for unique audience but you might enjoy this one as well. You should have such preset in your archive in case of such inspirational photos. This preset adds retro looking filter to images, actually you may call it moody looking. Yes, another must have Lightroom Preset is this one, have it in your archive, today!

This preset is very self explanatory, enjoy this elegant looking edits. Get this through my Bundle!

If you are looking for Pastel Presets, it is here. Softened colors and a little bit gray brings you a dull looking elegant pictures. It has pink tones like my Instagram Lightroom Presets. Actually, I have many versions of this type of dull looking pastel presets. You can check them all out and get them all with this Bundle together!

Use Pastel Summer Lightroom Presets with your vivid and bright holiday photos. If you are not into so much vibrant and bright tones in your photos, this preset is there for you. It desaturates colors, adds dull tones and makes your photos pastel or creamy looking or whatever you call the edit! Check out sample images to understand more about what this preset is doing.

Third most trendy Lightroom Presets are Pinky ones. Pink Blogger Lightroom Presets are made to provide you the most beautiful looking pinky toned images. Increased sharpness, saturation and brightness will make your pinky toned images so attractive. You should definitely check out the September Blogger Lightroom Presets if you’re looking for lesser pink tones.

Professional Wedding Presets make your photos a little pastel, add pro looking color tones and decreases the sharpness a little. Increased brightness and reduced heavy green tones will make your Wedding Photos look very light and elegant. You can use this ONE preset for every wedding photo of your (including clients’ if you’re a wedding photographer). This is a must have Lightroom Preset.

Purple Presets are created to enhance the purple tones on your photos. Plus, it increases the purple color in your photos so that like in the Pink Blogger Presets, you will have consistent tone in your Instagram feed. This is not a moody or dark purple, instead it provides high clarity and brightness to your photos. Many Influencers and Bloggers can enjoy this preset!

Red and Vivid Lightroom Presets are like Pink Blogger Presets or Purple Presets however this one is red! It has so much warmth, elegance and clarity. So, using this preset will make you and your photos look very rich. I have also Rich Lightroom Preset but that is in rich colors not like this one, this one is in for being/looking Rich. You must get this one!

Soft Presets are just another pastel and creamy looking presets. You might confuse this preset with Vanilla Presets but they are not the same. This one has more creamy and pink tones compared to vanilla one. However, you can use this preset daily as well, it has a wide range of applications.

September Blogger Lightroom Presets are on high demand and these tones are available in the most trendy Lightroom Presets. A little bit of pastel, a little bit of pink, a little bit of brown and decreased green tones brings you this very professional looking blogger preset. You are Free to use this for any occasion, it is Daily Lightroom Preset.

You can use this Teal and Bright Preset for nature, landscape, travel and outdoor photography. Of course, you’re Free to use in any other scenarios but the recommended scenes are mentioned ones. It will do a great job by providing bright and teal tones on your images. Also, the saturation is a little bit increased so that you will get more vibrant photos!

Another Trendy Lightroom Preset is this Vanilla Color looking Presets. Because of its elegant looking colors many Influencers love to use this preset in their photos. It is great tho! Use for portrait shots, food photos or shopping. It is suitable for daily usage and can do a great job with every color. You can even try to edit Summer photos with this preset.

Vibrant Blogger Preset will make all greens, reds and blues more vivid. Increased saturation will make your every photo attractive. You can adjust the exposure of this preset if needed. Holiday concept photos are recommended for this preset. Skin tones get a little warmer with the increased saturation!

This Vintage Blogger Presets is matte version of my Vintage Lightroom Presets. You can use for great portrait photos or on any photo that you want it to look like retro photo. It decreases the brightness a little bit and increases the warmness of your photos. Clarity and the saturation stay the same with this presets.

Described items are listed here to inspect more.

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