Getting Started & My 3 Favorite Free Pretty Presets

Phewww! Creating something from scratch is hard but my website is finally up and running in full force to serve you very well. I had no experience with developing a professional website to serve so many people but thank God, I managed to handle this. Dynamic pages, HTML snippets, database management, bandwidth, performance tracking were some of the things I needed to handle. I wanted to share these with you because you should know that bringing those “Pretty” good presets to you with quality website was not an easy task (:

I think I have started a long journey with this website. Currently, I am planning this project to be lasted nearly a decade but I wonder what I will be thinkin in 2027. These presets are timeless but will the DNG or XMP file format be still valid for presets?! I really don’t know. Anyways, I will try my best to keep content updated and fresh.

I need your help in this journey! If you liked the content, concept and want this project to be continued, please buy me a Frap. it costs you only a simple cup of coffee but this really has huge impact on me to continue. It is a win-win! Your kindness is appreciated.

Alright, let's finish today’s blog post with my 3 Free “Pretty Presets” with you.

This is from “Caramel Presets” which provides intense darkish yellow tone like Honey filter. This is great for Portrait Photography and makes your photos so charming.

This is from “Bright Pink Presets” which provides soft pink tone to your photos. This is good for girly looking Instagram pages.

This is from “Rich Presets” which makes color of your photos very strong and vibrant. I love this preset the most!

Follow @flppublic on Instagram to catch the latest preset updates and more(I am full of surprises).

Choose Joy Today! Choosing joy is so important.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. I have written this blog post with my smartphone on Apr 27, 2019, while picnicking with my family and relatives.


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