Kindred Presets by flppublic


Known by thousands of photographers for beautiful skin tones, film like rendering and ease of use, Kindred Presets are editing tools made for both digital and hybrid photographers alike. Whether you're looking for a film matching tool, or a preset to help you achieve a film like aesthetic, Kindred has you covered. More than this, Kindred Presets comes alongside it's users with a community unlike any other. We named our presets to represent two things: the kindred bond between digital and film imagery, and the hope that a community would form around kindred spirits.


Some edits:

You may call this preset Airy as well, this preset makes your photos Bright and Elegant looking. This one is a little Minimalist Preset but does a pretty cool job to enrich your photos with bright colors. The most preferred Lightroom Presets are actually such Bright Blogger Presets. You can get this one today, right now, here!

Elite Tones Presets are providing a bright and vivid brown tones along with some soft pink in the background. The name Elite is for its rare looking edits. This is one of the best Influencer Preset that I have. You might like Pink Blogger Presets and Purple Presets as well, check them out and if you like them, you can get them today!

Third most trendy Lightroom Presets are Pinky ones. Pink Blogger Lightroom Presets are made to provide you the most beautiful looking pinky toned images. Increased sharpness, saturation and brightness will make your pinky toned images so attractive. You should definitely check out the September Blogger Lightroom Presets if you’re looking for lesser pink tones.

Wedding version 4 is brighter and cleaner version of the first one. Clean Wedding Photography edits can be done with your smartphone using this preset. Get all of my best and favorite presets BUNDLE! I am sure you'll love it.