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Here is the list for all of the presets available in this website. You can discover them more with navigating through this website. Simply tap images to go to that Lightroom Preset's Download page.


This Gold Lightroom Presets is very advanced tool to make your photos look like gold. This can be confused with Vintage Presets, however, it provides unique gold looking with pre-set coloring in the Lightroom app. It is highly recommended for Portrait shots! Pro Influencers would love this presets because it has a very unique looking colors and it will make your photos outstandingly unique!

Greece Presets are representing the increased Mediterranean blue tones on your photos. The blues are more vivid, colors are more bright and the sky is very soft in this preset. You can actually use this preset for any sort of Holiday photos, it will do an exceptional work for your photos!

You may call this preset Airy as well, this preset makes your photos Bright and Elegant looking. This one is a little Minimalist Preset but does a pretty cool job to enrich your photos with bright colors. The most preferred Lightroom Presets are actually such Bright Blogger Presets. You can get this one today, right now, here!

Dark and Gray Presets are a little colored version of the B&W Presets. Gray and moody green tones are there for you to get very moody looking photos. This preset might have small audience and application area however this is another must have that should be in your archive.

This Summer Preset will bring more Blue toned beach and sea photos. It is great for Mediterranean and Hawaii Concept Holiday photos. Use this preset to brighten your photos with quality added blue tones to make them attractive.

When I think about Food the yellowish tones comes to my mind. So, almost all version of my Food Presets are enriched with yellow color. I've increase the saturation as well as the clarity in this preset. Given honey or amber tones will make your Food Photos look more delicious.

My Airy Presets are not just a regular Bright Preset. Although, it increases the brightness, it still keeps the Moody and Elegant side of the photographs. You can alternatively call this preset as Elegant Bright Lightroom Presets.

I love unique concept presets like Newborn, Food or Wedding. In this Wedding presets, green tones are decreased and also pastel colors are brought to look more professional. Please note: You may need to adjust exposure if your photos stay a little dark with this preset.

You can create a Pastel looking Pinky photos with this preset. This one is developed especially for Portrait photos but you can use for other occasions as well. You may get darker photos with this preset but the quality of the edit is not questionable, adjust exposure if needed.

This is not my Favorite Newborn Preset but this one is special because it is my first Newborn Presets. It softens the images and provides warm pink colors to Newborn photos. I strongly recommend the Newborn version 2 Presets for you to try out! Sorry ;)

Greens are reduced in this Landscape Presets because the less green the more pro looking images is what I know. I cannot tell too much about the clarity in this presets but the brightness is just at the point! If you don't like this one, try my version 2 (it is DARK)

I love Summer but I loved preparing Winter Lightroom Presets somehow. Winters are cold, right? So, I've chosen the cold tones for this Winter Preset, the blue tones. The more blue it gets the colder the resulting images. Try out and see!

This one is my Best Lightroom Preset. The reason behind might be the cover photo, look at that it is just self explanatory that makes photo so rich! What I mean by Rich is higher saturation while keeping the colors realistic and natural.

You want Retro and Old looking photos? This is the preset you're looking for. Edit any of your photos with this preset and enjoy the resulting images. This Vintage Preset provides bright and light Sepia color to your photos. You can also check out the Bright Warm Preset if you want.

Indoor Presets are created to make your photos more realistic and a little warm, Home must a little warm, right! Higher clarity and saturation will make your photos more quality looking. Check out Home Presets for more bright and natural colors...

Orange Preset is different than Orange and Teal Presets because it does not bring Teal tones. This preset is different version of Warm or Vintage or Caramel Presets. It has yellowish and orange tones but I cannot describe exactly, try and see! 

Use this preset in your Hawaii Summer Vibes photos. This will do a great job on Sea and Tree coloring as it develops the blues and the greens in a whole new level. You may get warm colors but they will be attractive images.

This preset is candidate to a Brand Preset for an Influencer. Color your feed with this preset and look Powerful, Elegant, Cozy and Influencer... Just look at he sample photos given here, you can use this preset for any of your photos and create professional Influencer photos.

"Instagram" Preset is prepared to create Creamy and Pastel looking images. The resulting image might be dark and dull but the edit will at its point, Creamy and Pastel!

This is simply a Bright and Clean Preset that makes your photos brighter and it will also increase the clarity a little. This is different than Airy Presets because it does not change any coloring or anything. This one has very Minimal edit in your photos.

Yummy presets, yes, this "Gourmet" in other words the version 2 of my Food preset will make your Food photos so yummy. Increased clarity, saturation and brightness makes any food or fruit look mouth watering, try this one first!

Holiday version 2 Presets are inspired from Caribbean Presets concept. Intense green tones are increased, this one may also increase the vividness of blue colors as it is a Summer or Holiday preset at the end. Please note: Do not mix this one with Summer version 3 as that (Summer version 3) only increases the vividness of green.

Use this preset for brighter and minimalistic Wedding photography. Wedding version 2 preset does not add any complicated coloring, it may adjust some coloring but the main purpose here is increased brightness and minimalist looking.

Create Soft and bright Pink tones in your photos! This one is not pastel but clear and bright pink. Clarity is decreased and that's why the outcome is good looking soft. Sample images given without any people figure but do not hesitate to use this in Portrait Photography.

If you want Amber looking images use this preset. Whatever you call honey, caramel, amber or anything else, this is the one for all! After Rich Presets, this one might be my second Favorite!

This one is actually not only Clean Tones but also Bright Tones preset. You can see that in sample images given here have increased brightness as well. Use this preset for any color combination and any photography scenario, it will give you great results.

Morning presets are created in a way to reflect Morning Sunshine tones to your photos. If you can look from this perspective, you will love this preset actually. This one might not be a trendy preset but I believe it has very special and unique audience out there, are you the one? Enjoy this Daily-Everyday Preset!

Summer version 2 is created for simple, bright and minimalistic Holiday photos. All of my other "Holiday" related presets have higher vividness and color development that they might be too much for you, so, use this one instead.

"Clean Lightroom Presets" are the most popular and trendy presets of all. It is included in my "All of the Best and Favorite Lightroom Presets BUNDLE" and here is the most liked Instagram post edited with this preset.

This preset provides vivid tones to your photos. It makes your photos more attractive with colors and a little brighter tones. Clarity is also increased on this preset. There is also even more brighter version of this preset available to download and use, Enjoy as you like!

Caramel version 2 is developed for your Food Photography. It will put Honey all over your photos and that bulky yellow color will make your photos look very rich and heavy. Feel free to apply in any of your food photos.

Selfie Presets are altered version of Instagram Presets but they are all great candidates for Branded Instagram feeds. Influencers can try this Selfie presets' elegant looking. Portrait and City photos are all suitable for this preset.

First Instagram Preset version was a little lean so this Instagram version 2 is created with Neutral, Darker and Brighter versions. If you don't want to have dark and dull photos, you can use this version instead of first one. Coloring job is similar with the version 1 though.

Inspiration for this preset is Bali Lightroom Presets, in other words, too much green and too much vividness is the simplest explanation for this preset. If you like this preset, you might also like this one

Sample photos are all desserts but use this preset for any occasion of Food Photography and see the results by yourself. You can find this in my BUNDLE if you like!

Airy version of Vintage Preset is Bright Warm Preset. This preset seems to be a great fit for Family Photos however use it for what suits you the best.

Alright, this presets is beyond unique, it is rare. This preset is created for Wedding Food Photos, Wedding Cake Photos or any food related photos. Use this special preset for your Photography needs.

This is my best Newborn preset of all. It will increase the brightness of your photos first. Then, the clarity will increase and you'll create very attractive Newborn images with this preset.

Use this Minimalistic Preset for brighter and cleaner photos. Sample images are given for indoor or home photography but human figures can also be edited with this minimalist Lightroom Preset.

More intense version or Warm Lightroom Presets is Warm version 2 Lightroom Presets. Coziness is a little low in this one because warmness is quite over-saturated. If you want more cozy presets try Coffee or Warm Presets.

Food version 4 is developed for dark Food Photography edits. Use this in your black backgrounded photos.

Bright Pink version 2 Presets will create glassy Portrait Photos to you. You can call it as Pastel looking as well. This is quite interesting Lightroom Preset as it can be expressed as glossy and pastel at the same time.

After "Clean Lightroom Preset" the most popular and trendy Lightroom Presets are "Vibrant Lightroom Presets" and this Rich Color Presets are my most vibrant preset of all. Loved the results on the sample photos given above.

These coffee and brown tones are in this preset is only for coziness. Girls love cozy stuff and this is no exception for Lightroom Presets. So, I prepared this Cozy Lightroom Preset for coffee lovers, enjoy it my female friends!

Softness and brightness is the only description for Newborn version 3. Use it for your own infant photos and create a pro looking Newborn Photography at home.

Developed version of Indoor Preset is Home Lightroom Presets. Great preset for real estate photography. Use it if you're listing some houses on Zillow or so ;)

Wedding version 4 is brighter and cleaner version of the first one. Clean Wedding Photography edits can be done with your smartphone using this preset. Get all of my best and favorite presets BUNDLE! I am sure you'll love it.

Landscape version 2 is prepared for darker, colder and more moody landscape photography. Greens are also reduced in this preset but the main thing here is to create colder, in other words, scary looking images. Horror movies filter...

Colder, colder and even colder version of the Winter Preset is my Frozen Lightroom Presets. This cold looking photo presets are way blue toned and will make you chill. You may try them without snowy winter photos and see the results by yourself.

Rich version 2 is developed for Dark, Moody and Vibrant looking images. Darker and more intense version of the first Rich Preset is Rich version 2 Lightroom Presets.

It makes all blues more vivid and increase the crispness and brightness of your images. This preset creates more attractive and clear photos with just one click.

Cozy and Warm Newborn Lightroom Presets what else would a Newborn Photographers want?! Create a cute and cozy looking infant photos with this preset. You can use the even warmer version provided in this collection.

Newborn version 4 is a complete set for Newborn Photography. This is my last and most complete Newborn Preset, it provide soft, pink and bright tones with Darker, Brighter and Neutral options. Use this for any Baby photography needs.

This is a Brand New Summer Holiday Lightroom Presets. Any concept is valid for this preset: Hawaii, Caribbean, Bali, Bahamas wherever you call it. You can use this preset for all. One preset for all holiday photos, what a bargain!

I've created this for City Photography however after using it for couple of other concepts I saw that this preset is GOOD FOR ALL PHOTOS! See the sample edit on Instagram with this preset.

Use this for your Car Photography needs. Warm, Warmer and Neutral versions of this preset is provided.

Create clean and bright Portrait Photos with this preset. This one does not have alternatives at this point. This is the only one!

Outdoor and Travel photography will be much more easy and enjoyable with this preset. Travel Bloggers and Influencers should definitely check out this preset.

It adds Moody effect to your images by decreasing the exposure and increasing dark tones, mainly the dark greenish tones. Check out the most liked edit!

It makes all colors like you expected. This preset is pretty self-explanatory. You will find increased Teal and Orange tones in this preset. Try this presets for different type of concepts and see the Great results, you will love this preset!

In this preset you’ll find a little bit of darkness, vivid colors and most importantly you’ll find quality film looking images! Try out this preset with your moody and dark photos. It can also do a great job with other colors as well, check out the sample images provided above.

This does not have greenish tones instead I’ve added gray tones that you’ll love! It decreases the color differentiation a little bit and makes your photos look professional. I think Moody v2 is better than the first one, I don't know how it will perform yet because I've just released this preset. May update here..


This is the Black and White (B&W) Lightroom Preset.

Bora Bora Presets are like Maldives or Bali presets they enhance the Holiday colors in your photos such as blues, greens. You will get bright and a little teal(but more like blue) tones in your holiday photos. Your feed will have very attractive photos that edited with preset. Don’t miss this one and get this exclusive preset.

Another highly demanded tones and presets are Brown Lightroom Presets. This preset decreases the saturation and brightness and adds light elegant looking brown tones to your photos. Influencers generally use this preset daily for their consistent feed color. I highly recommend you to check September Blogger Lightroom Presets, you might like it and you may use one of them for your feed consistency.

California Presets are created for lovely summer tones.

Increased sharpness but decreased clarity is the main thing in this Cinematic Presets. Colors are a little bright and clean in this preset. Keep in mind that it may look like that the preset is decreasing the resolution of your photos, that is the feature of this edit. Feel free to share your thoughts on this one.

Desert Lightroom Presets are created with dull brown and green tones. Your photos will look elegant even with the leanest backgrounds. This preset might have a little bit of pastel tones as well.

Elite Tones Presets are providing a bright and vivid brown tones along with some soft pink in the background. The name Elite is for its rare looking edits. This is one of the best Influencer Preset that I have. You might like Pink Blogger Presets and Purple Presets as well, check them out and if you like them, you can get them today!

Old looking Film Presets are for unique audience but you might enjoy this one as well. You should have such preset in your archive in case of such inspirational photos. This preset adds retro looking filter to images, actually you may call it moody looking. Yes, another must have Lightroom Preset is this one, have it in your archive, today!

This preset is very self explanatory, enjoy this elegant looking edits. Get this through my Bundle!

If you are looking for Pastel Presets, it is here. Softened colors and a little bit gray brings you a dull looking elegant pictures. It has pink tones like my Instagram Lightroom Presets. Actually, I have many versions of this type of dull looking pastel presets. You can check them all out and get them all with this Bundle together!

Use Pastel Summer Lightroom Presets with your vivid and bright holiday photos. If you are not into so much vibrant and bright tones in your photos, this preset is there for you. It desaturates colors, adds dull tones and makes your photos pastel or creamy looking or whatever you call the edit! Check out sample images to understand more about what this preset is doing.

Third most trendy Lightroom Presets are Pinky ones. Pink Blogger Lightroom Presets are made to provide you the most beautiful looking pinky toned images. Increased sharpness, saturation and brightness will make your pinky toned images so attractive. You should definitely check out the September Blogger Lightroom Presets if you’re looking for lesser pink tones.

Professional Wedding Presets make your photos a little pastel, add pro looking color tones and decreases the sharpness a little. Increased brightness and reduced heavy green tones will make your Wedding Photos look very light and elegant. You can use this ONE preset for every wedding photo of your (including clients’ if you’re a wedding photographer). This is a must have Lightroom Preset.

Purple Presets are created to enhance the purple tones on your photos. Plus, it increases the purple color in your photos so that like in the Pink Blogger Presets, you will have consistent tone in your Instagram feed. This is not a moody or dark purple, instead it provides high clarity and brightness to your photos. Many Influencers and Bloggers can enjoy this preset!

Red and Vivid Lightroom Presets are like Pink Blogger Presets or Purple Presets however this one is red! It has so much warmth, elegance and clarity. So, using this preset will make you and your photos look very rich. I have also Rich Lightroom Preset but that is in rich colors not like this one, this one is in for being/looking Rich. You must get this one!

Soft Presets are just another pastel and creamy looking presets. You might confuse this preset with Vanilla Presets but they are not the same. This one has more creamy and pink tones compared to vanilla one. However, you can use this preset daily as well, it has a wide range of applications.

September Blogger Lightroom Presets are on high demand and these tones are available in the most trendy Lightroom Presets. A little bit of pastel, a little bit of pink, a little bit of brown and decreased green tones brings you this very professional looking blogger preset. You are Free to use this for any occasion, it is Daily Lightroom Preset.

You can use this Teal and Bright Preset for nature, landscape, travel and outdoor photography. Of course, you’re Free to use in any other scenarios but the recommended scenes are mentioned ones. It will do a great job by providing bright and teal tones on your images. Also, the saturation is a little bit increased so that you will get more vibrant photos!

Another Trendy Lightroom Preset is this Vanilla Color looking Presets. Because of its elegant looking colors many Influencers love to use this preset in their photos. It is great tho! Use for portrait shots, food photos or shopping. It is suitable for daily usage and can do a great job with every color. You can even try to edit Summer photos with this preset.

Vibrant Blogger Preset will make all greens, reds and blues more vivid. Increased saturation will make your every photo attractive. You can adjust the exposure of this preset if needed. Holiday concept photos are recommended for this preset. Skin tones get a little warmer with the increased saturation!

This Vintage Blogger Presets is matte version of my Vintage Lightroom Presets. You can use for great portrait photos or on any photo that you want it to look like retro photo. It decreases the brightness a little bit and increases the warmness of your photos. Clarity and the saturation stay the same with this presets.

EXCLUSIVE items are listed here to inspect more.

That's all, if you want to discover more Lightroom Presets go to Home Page!



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