Lightroom Presets for Fall (Season)

I have so many presets for various scenarios in this website, you can start discovering those presets from Home Page, however, the topic of this article is presets for Fall. Cozy and warm colors are the main theme in these presets.

Free download is available in some presets.

Here are some of my edits on Fall scenarios:

September Blogger Lightroom Presets are on high demand and these tones are available in the most trendy Lightroom Presets. A little bit of pastel, a little bit of pink, a little bit of brown and decreased green tones brings you this very professional looking blogger preset. You are Free to use this for any occasion, it is Daily Lightroom Preset.

These coffee and brown tones are in this preset is only for coziness. Girls love cozy stuff and this is no exception for Lightroom Presets. So, I prepared this Cozy Lightroom Preset for coffee lovers, enjoy it my female friends!

This preset is candidate to be a Brand Preset for an Influencer. Color your feed with this preset and look Powerful, Elegant, Cozy and Influencer... Just look at the sample photo given here, you can use this preset for any of your photos and create professional Influencer photos.

Another Trendy Lightroom Preset is this Vanilla Color looking Presets. Because of its elegant looking colors many Influencers love to use this preset in their photos. It is great tho! Use for portrait shots, food photos or shopping. It is suitable for daily usage and can do a great job with every color. You can even try to edit Summer photos with this preset.

October Preset is here, simple yet elegant. Get Creamy and Bright looking images with this preset. Don't get too late to color your feed with this preset. Available with my Bundle only!

This Vintage Blogger Presets is matte version of my Vintage Lightroom Presets. You can use for great portrait photos or on any photo that you want it to look like retro photo. It decreases the brightness a little bit and increases the warmness of your photos. Clarity and the saturation stay the same with this presets.



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