Lightroom Presets for Spring (Season)

I have so many presets for various scenarios in this website, you can start discovering those presets from Home Page, however, the topic of this article is presets for Spring. Bright, light and vibrant colors are the main theme in these presets.

Free download is available in some presets.

Here are some of my edits on Spring scenarios:

Airy version of Vintage Preset is Bright Warm Preset. This preset seems to be a great fit for Family Photos however use it for what suits you the best.

My Airy Presets are not just a regular Bright Preset. Although, it increases the brightness, it still keeps the Moody and Elegant side of the photographs. You can alternatively call this preset as Elegant Bright Lightroom Presets.

This is simply a Bright and Clean Preset that makes your photos brighter and it will also increase the clarity a little. This is different than Airy Presets because it does not change any coloring or anything. This one has very Minimal edit in your photos.

This one is my Best Lightroom Preset. The reason behind might be the cover photo, look at that it is just self explanatory that makes photo so rich! What I mean by Rich is higher saturation while keeping the colors realistic and natural.

Outdoor and Travel photography will be much more easy and enjoyable with this preset. Travel Bloggers and Influencers should definitely check out this preset.

You can use this Teal and Bright Preset for nature, landscape, travel and outdoor photography. Of course, you’re Free to use in any other scenarios but the recommended scenes are mentioned ones. It will do a great job by providing bright and teal tones on your images. Also, the saturation is a little bit increased so that you will get more vibrant photos!



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