Lightroom Presets for Winter (Season)

I have so many presets for various scenarios in this website, you can start discovering those presets from Home Page, however, the topic of this article is presets for Winter. Cold and blue colors are the main theme in these presets.

Free download is available in some presets.

Here are some of my edits on Winter scenarios:

I love Summer but I loved preparing Winter Lightroom Presets somehow. Winters are cold, right? So, I've chosen the cold tones for this Winter Preset, the blue tones. The more blue it gets the colder the resulting images. Try out and see!

Landscape version 2 is prepared for darker, colder and more moody landscape photography. Greens are also reduced in this preset but the main thing here is to create colder, in other words, scary looking images. Horror movies filter...

Colder, colder and even colder version of the Winter Preset is my Frozen Lightroom Presets. This cold looking photo presets are way blue toned and will make you chill. You may try them without snowy winter photos and see the results by yourself.



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