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Luizclas Moody Lightroom, ACR & Mobile Presets

These presets are for Bloggers, Influencers, Lifestyle, Landscape, Wedding, Instagram, or Portrait Photography. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will like to download and play with these Free Lightroom Presets. Find the most suitable presets for your custom need, there are 50+ Free Lightroom Presets available in this website. Number is counting. Follow on Instagram for updates from here.

It adds Moody effect to your images by decreasing the exposure and increasing dark tones, mainly the dark greenish tones. Check out the most liked edit!

Dark and Gray Presets are a little colored version of the B&W Presets. Gray and moody green tones are there for you to get very moody looking photos. This preset might have small audience and application area however this is another must have that should be in your archive.

This is the Black and White (B&W) Lightroom Preset.

This preset is very self explanatory, enjoy this elegant looking edits. Get this through my Bundle!


Please note: DNG files comes with blank images with presets loaded to them, just copy the settings from them.