Mastin Labs Fujicolor Original Pack for Lightroom - flppublic edition

It's never been easier to get a light and airy look. This preset pack is ideal for weddings and portraits.

• Fine art pastel colors with clean skin tones.

• Timeless looks based on real film.

This edit is from my Airy Preset and DNG mobile version of this preset is only available with my bundle. It is for 7.90 USD only! XMP Desktop version is also available with the Bundle.

My Airy Presets are not just a regular Bright Preset. Although, it increases the brightness, it still keeps the Moody and Elegant side of the photographs. You can alternatively call this preset as Elegant Bright Lightroom Presets.

Pro 400H - Pro 400H Blue - Pro 160NS - Pro 800Z


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a message on Instagram (@flppublic) or send me an email: flppublic[at]

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