Monique Serra Photography - Lightroom Presets Bundle - flppublic

I'm so excited to finally release my Lightroom preset pack!

What's included in this pack? What you'll get are 70+ presets, but let me break that down so there's no confusion! Here are some of my edits:

This preset is candidate to be a Brand Preset for an Influencer. Color your feed with this preset and look Powerful, Elegant, Cozy and Influencer... Just look at he sample photo given here, you can use this preset for any of your photos and create professional Influencer photos.

My goal was to create a cohesive editing flow, so that regardless of situation, lighting, location, etc, the base for all your images would be the same. With that being said, you have the Warm Original preset... and off of that you have CSE (Cinnamon Sugar edit) Auto WB, Keep the Blues, Details, and Add Warmth. Then you have a deeper preset base, called "Depth" and a brand new black and white! This black and white has been my go to for months and months, but each time I tried to use it on my laptop, or while editing a second shooter's images that were not the exact camera model as mine, the image was not true to how I saw it on my desktop. So, after months of frustration, and re-teaching myself more than I probably needed to know, I nailed it down! I am so proud of this below black and white, and I think it's unique from any I've seen because it's simple, clean, and still moody. The blacks are black, the whites are white, there's not much highlight manipulation, and there's not much grain (certainly something you can add in, if you choose!). I think it's versatile, and you're going to love it as much as I do! 

ALSO included in this pack: both of my new MOBILE presets! These are not just converted files, but instead, I spent hours and days altering them from my LR app to my desktop version, making sure they're easy to use and adjust.

This is for ADOBE LIGHTROOM the free app for your mobile device. You will get an email with DNG(mobile) and XMP(computer) files (if you're buying + opening on your phone, you may be need transfer XMP(computer) files to your PC). You do NOT need to download dropbox, just open via the website and or from your email, the .DNG file will be in that folder. You can airdrop or save directly to your phone. The .dng file(s) will look like a RAW unedited image. When you upload it in to your LR app, the settings will pull over.


Thank you so much for your support! PLEASE refrain from sharing these presets, or "trading" with other sets. Photographers work really hard to put these out for you all, and stealing is stealing, and it's just gross. Your support means everything and is why I'm able to do what I love!