Peter McKinnon like Lightroom Presets

Everyone is looking for different types of presets. Some loves colorful, some loves blogger Pink style and you guys love Peter McKinnon Presets... Welcome, I will share my 4 Free Lightroom Presets like Peter McKinnon Presets.

This one is “Outdoor”. I think this works like "WOLFSWOOD" Preset like Peter McKinnon has. This one also resembles the "AVATAR" preset. In this preset you’ll find a little bit of darkness, vivid colors and most importantly you’ll find quality film looking images! Try out this preset with your moody and dark photos. It can also do a great job with other colors as well, check out the sample images provided on the download page.

This is my Portrait Lightroom Preset. I think this can do similar job with Peter McKinnon's "ELEMENTAL" preset. This preset is great for bright and clean portrait photos.

This preset is one of my favorites, "Rich Lightroom Presets". It makes all colors more vivid and increase the crispness of your images. This works like "MORAINE" Preset of Peter. There is a Brighter version of this preset as well and that is like Peter McKinnon's "BRIGHTENMEUP".

Lastly, I wanted share "LOUSIE" like preset of mine, this is Landscape v2 Lightroom Presets. It has dark and lesser greenish tones so that your photos will look very moody. Many of you loves this sort of presets, I hope you'll like my presets as well.

Alright, you can always check out all of the presets available in this website as a simple list on the Preset Index page. I have other Moody Presets as well. Moody Moody v2

Alternatively, you can download “All of my Presets” with ONE Click by supporting this website.


That’s all for this post. You can start to explore the website by visiting the home page.

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Thank you and stay tuned for new posts!

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