PM Lightroom Preset Pack fall 2018 - flppublic edition

In this article I will share additional Peter McKinnon like Lightroom Presets. You can check out my previous Peter McKinnon Lightroom Presets post as well. Click the link provided.

I have list several and relevant presets here, however, you can download “All of the Lightroom Presets” in this website with ONE Click by supporting this website.


Anyways, here are the edits and descriptions:

This one is Dark and Gray preset and provided by owner of ILovePresets shop on Etsy.

Dark and Gray Presets are a little colored version of the B&W Presets. Gray and moody green tones are there for you to get very moody looking photos. This preset might have small audience and application area however this is another must have that should be in your archive.

This is my first Moody Lightroom Presets. It adds Moody effect to your images by decreasing the exposure and increasing dark tones, mainly the dark greenish tones. Check out the most liked edit!

This is Moody v2. This does not have greenish tones instead I’ve added gray tones that you’ll love! It decreases the color differentiation a little bit and makes your photos look professional. I think Moody v2 is better than the first one, I don't know how it will perform yet because I've just released this preset. May update here..

I've created this for City Photography however after using it for couple of other concepts I saw that this preset is GOOD FOR ALL PHOTOS! See the sample edit on Instagram with this preset.

Old looking Film Presets are for unique audience but you might enjoy this one as well. You should have such preset in your archive in case of such inspirational photos. This preset adds retro looking filter to images, actually you may call it moody looking. Yes, another must have Lightroom Preset is this one, have it in your archive, today!

This is my Black and White (B&W) Lightroom Preset.

Fortunately, you can reach this Exclusive and very Special Lightroom Preset through my Bundle. Use this "DOWNLOAD" link to go to the Bundle Page. It consists of all of the Presets available in this website, PLUS, you will also get all of the items listed here.


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