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Newborn Presets are my favorites in unique niches like Wedding Presets, Food Presets, Home Presets etc. Due to the fact that Newborns are so pinky and soft, I prepared my presets in that manner. I have 6 different conceptual Newborn Lightroom Presets in total but I will share my favorite 3 one in this blog.

This is Newborn Airy Lightroom Presets. What this provides is a little brightness, a little blur and soft blue tones to your photos. This one is special because it makes photos vivid and soft at the same time, you can see that in the sample photos provided on the download page if you’ve checked it!

This is my first and original Newborn Lightroom Presets. As I mentioned earlier when I think of Newborns, I get pinky and soft ideas. So, this preset is exactly like that. It provides cheerful pink tones and softens the clarity of your photo (does not decrease the quality of your photo) and creates yummy newborn images to you!

My last one today is Newborn v2 Lightroom Presets. This is my second favorite after Airy one. This preset is actually smart because it makes all colors more sweet and attractive. Greens, blues, whites all are developed quite well with this preset.

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