Tutorial for Lightroom Preset Pack


Make sure you have this free app

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.lrmobile

iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/US/app/id878783582?l=en



Step 1: Unzip files to use them...

Step 4: For iPhone, once you click on the Preset you want to use, menu will pop up to open Preset with available applications. If you can't see Lightroom right away, go to "More" in applications list and enable Lightroom. Once you enable it, it will be shown in the future automatically if you have "Lightroom" app installed correctly. [Skip to step 7]

Step 4: OPEN unzipped file and select the Preset you want, it should show white blank image like below for Android:

Step 5: CLICK on share and swipe left to find Lr app like below:

Step 6: You should below message after you "Add to Lr"

Step 7: Open Lightroom app, you will find your preset located in "All Photos"

Step 8: To copy settings from it, tap on it and then you should have below menu available with "3 dots" at top right corner:

Step 9: "Copy Settings" from here:

Step 10: Just tap on check mark(necessary boxes are already selected for you)

Lastly: Paste the settings on target image that you import into Lightroom...

If you have further questions hit me up via email flppublic@gmail.com, I am very quick to response. Leaving bad review will not help any of us. I am unable to reach you via your review, identities are hidden there... Or leave a comment below:


These files work with the Adobe Mobile Lightroom CC app and Adobe Desktop Lightroom Classic CC. Compatible with JPG & Raw Images. Please note: DNG files comes with blank images with presets loaded to them, just copy the settings from them.

Return Policy: Due to nature of digital products, refund is not available.

Accepted Payments: Credit/Debit Card or PayPal Total amount is 19.90 USD, there are no additional fees or taxes.

Attention: You are buying a Digital Product, no physical item will be delivered to you. Your files will be emailed automatically right after your payment.




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