Vicky Baumann - Lake and Forest LR Presets - flppublic edition

Lake and Forest like LR Presets All in One!

By purchasing this bundle, you will download All of the Lightroom Presets in this website with One Click!

Here are some of my edits with presets included in my BUNDLE!

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Lake and Forest LR Presets Vol. I

I am super excited to present you my latest and completely revised presets because of it’s very earthy, warm, moody and naturalistic colour-pallet.

Lake and Forest LR Presets Vol. II

Lake and Forest LR Presets Vol. III


Lake and Forest LR Presets Vol. IV

Lake and Forest LR Presets Vol. V


- You lose a lot of time editing your wedding photos one by one. With my wedding presets you’ll be a lot quicker and you’ll get beautiful results.

- With image-by-image editing, you quickly have irregularities and aberrations that affect the quality of your wedding documentation or shooting. These presets allow you to edit entire weddings in a uniform look so no optical breaks occur.

- With just a few clicks each and every presets can be individually customized and adapted to your wishes and requirements.



Lightroom Presets are ready to use photography tools to edit your photos with just a single action. Choosing the correct preset for your scenario will bring very Professional coloring to your photos. In this website, you’ll find presets for different scenarios such as Landscape Lightroom Presets, Portrait Lightroom Presets, Instagram Lightroom Presets and many more, do not hesitate to explore! These are all Best Free Lightroom Presets and they will bring a Professional touch.

These Premium Presets are created with love and they are all favorite ones. Download them and enjoy your professional-looking, bright and vibrant photos. You’ll find Desktop Lightroom Presets and Mobile Lightroom Presets under different download buttons.

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