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The wedding season is now open and upcoming months will be full of joy but before that some preparation is needed such as invitation cards, cake, bridal dress etc.

I cannot help for other things but Wedding Fonts. So, here are some of my favorite fonts for wedding concept. Hope that eases your effort to find the suitable font for your wedding.

This is Hamster font, it is a clean and elegant brush font for minimalist people.

This is Freeds font and it is elegant looking typeface. This looks really rich and makes your cards unique.

Abingdon is squarely font that has considerably sharp edges but perfect fit for your wedding cards.

Montez is brush looking simple and clean font suitable for minimalists.

Alex Brush is swirly, rich looking elegant font that you can use for your luxurious weddings.

Summer Joy font is a little bit childish but at the end a good looking font that you can use for your wedding events.

Marseline is cursive-brush font like handwriting and looks elegant for wedding events. I would recommend this for elegant and minimalist weddings.

This is Powell Antique font and it is great for classic themed weddings. It is also very clean and unique looking font that your friends will most likely love it!

Anke Calligraphic is funny handwriting font that will bring nice looking wedding cards to you. I’d personally use all lowercase for the cards and the handwriting would amaze the audience. Honestly, uppercases don’t look good as much as the lowercases but of course, you are free to use however you want!

The star performer would be the Antro Vectra. Yes, this is my last recommendation but may be the best. You can create a Real Pro weddings cards on your own by using this font. I mean, this looks luxurious, elegant, minimalist, unique whatever you call, this has all.

Alright, apart from fonts provided here, there are tons of other fonts available at You can always check out there, they are all free and they will always be.

If you’re also looking for Wedding Lightroom Presets for your photos, check out my favorite here, it is also available for free.

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