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YouTube was founded in 2005 and now it is the biggest video-sharing website on Earth. There are millions of videos from entertaining to educational on this website. Today’s topic is related to the educational ones: Lightroom Tutorials.

Many people are now obsessed with Lightroom effects. Influencers, Personal Bloggers, Instagrammers, they all want to look pretty with Lightroom. However, there is a mishap! They are not comfortable with using the Software at the first place. They want to learn and look for tutorials on YouTube.

So, it is a great practice for YouTubers to provide tutorials to newcomers and amateurs to teach how to use Lightroom software so that they will get thousands of views. However, being found on YouTube is now harder than ever. We all know that the most active and viewed videos are the ones that served first on the search results. To have such videos one can share his videos as much as possible across the internet, the more link the more traffic, it is that simple.

I am inviting such channel owners to get featured here because that external traffic they will be getting from this website will climb their videos up in the search results. Traffic is so important and valuable on YouTube and Google algorithms. This website is a great fit for Lightroom related channels or photographer promotions.

In conclusion, if you’re a YouTuber about Lightroom, Lightroom Tutorials or Lightroom Presets, you can have a spot here. It will provide external good quality traffic to your videos and what’s even better is that your content will stay here for an indefinite period of time. Go to Get Featured page and follow the instructions.

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