How To Install Mobile DNG Lightroom Presets - YouTube Tutorial Video

In this video you will find detailed and very simple instructions to learn How to Install Mobile(DNG) Lightroom Presets on iPhone/iPad. Android version is available below. This video also shows you how easy it is to use this website. Video explains how to download or save it from Dropbox and how to unzip DNG files to import them in to Lightroom app.

In the video, Preset Index page is used to find wanted preset but you can also use FIND OUT MORE button to see similar presets when you are exploring the presets. This website is to serve your Lightroom Preset discovery journey, enjoy!

Please note, DNG files comes with blank images with presets loaded to them, just copy the settings from them.


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Android version of the above video. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. You can always contact me from the website or DM me on Instagram, my response will be much faster.